I've put a lot of time and effort into this layout, but I had a lot of help along the way. In no particular order:

l Lissa Explains it All -- An invaluable site that covers HTML, CSS, and various other helpful web design tips.

l CuteMAP -- A GUI for making image maps. Ok, so the entire site wasn't done in Notepad, but I only used this program to get the coordinates for the links, and that was all.

l Adobe Photoshop. Where would web designers be without it?

l Jasc Animation Shop -- Such a great program for animation that I bought it when the free trial period expired.

l Writing CSS1 Style Sheets (A Short Guide) -- One of the websites from which I was able to extract information about how to use CSS.

l Effective Use of Style Sheets -- A page with tips on how to use CSS.

l Of Mice and Javascript -- The guide that helped me with the OnMouseOver effects of the image map.

l Winamp -- Version 5.01 resurrects the "Make HTML playlist feature" that was excluded from version 3.

The font for the various page titles is HansonsHand. "Mary's" in the splash page graphic is in BethanysHand. The background navy blue is hex code #333366 and the font is #66CCFF.

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