Islanders Bowlathon 2003

Another year, another bowlathon. This year wasn't quite as squeeful because Parry was at the next lane over. But we got Scatchard, who is a very personable guy. One of the people working at the event brought over a plate of chicken nuggets and put it on the little table right in front of me, saying it was for Scatch. But I was hungry so I asked if I could have one, and he said yes, then told our whole group we could dig in if we liked. See? Nice guy.

Also at the first session was Bates, Cairns, Martinek, Weinhandl, and Webb, who's the coordinator of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters with the Isles. Parry apparently remembered us, which is really cool. My father went over to him after we finished bowling, and I think they were kinda competing. Parry saw that my father had started with four straight strikes (show-off :-P ), and they were both trying to get good scores. My father wound up beating him, 204-176, lol

Weiny looked adorable. I think he was scared of all the crazy fans who had showed up - he seemed a little shy and withdrawn. Bates looked a little, I dunno, also put off by the crowd. I asked him to sign a picture for me and he didn't seem too thrilled. Parry was awesome, as always. So friendly, so outgoing. Martinek looked to be in the same state as Weiny, but not as scared. He's got a language barrier problem still, I think.

Scatch was really great. He actually wound up borrowing my father's ball a few times. We were all cheering for each other. It's such a great event, letting the fans get in contact with the team, and showing the team how much support they have. The second group was entirely fresh except for Webb, and included Kvasha, Yashin, Isbister, Snow, Dipietro, and Weimer. Notable absences: Peca, Asham, Hamrlik, Blake, Osgood (he's injured, but so is Isbister), Aucoin, Lapointe, and Jonsson. Keep in mind, however, they'd played each of the last two nights. Scatch actually told us that he hadn't slept at all on Friday night after the team lost.

Ok, pictures! For clarification, I'm the one with the blue polo shirt, Jess has on the tan Moulin Rouge shirt, and my mom (who pops up once or twice) has on a purple striped sweater. These are in no particular order.

The guys after they were introduced - Scatchard, Martinek, Webb, Parrish, Bates, Cairns, and Weinhandl

Jess, Scatch, and me

Parry, me, Jess, and Webby

Mom, Scatch, me, and Jess

The guys as they're being introduced - Scatch, Marty, Webby, Parry, and Batesy

Random picture of mom, me, and Jess

Parry signing Jess's jersey

Webby as he's introduced

Scatch and Marty

Webby and Parry laugh while Marty inspects his fingers

Parry greets Bates as he's introduced, while Marty and Webb look on

The Animal House boys laugh. Martinek thinks to himself: "Where's the nearest exit?"

Everyone huddles together for a picture. Scatch is blocking Martinek, but the rest is the same order as the first picture. Is it just me or do the middle four seem pretty close?

Martinek signs an autograph.

Parry signs an autograph

Batesy being Batesy, with Webby

Weinhandl (drinking), Bates, and Cairns

Same group

The guy who was also assigned to our lane, Jess, Scatch, and me.

It appears I must get a picture of Webby looking dazed every year :-P (see here)

Cairnsy looking just as dazed.

Jess looking quite pleased to be next to Batesy ;)

Both of us looking quite pleased to be next to Parry ;)

The guys posing again

Me and Jess with Weinhandl. I think he was a little scared by the insane fans 0:-)

Jess's and my solution to the lack of seats

Random picture of my bobble-head army that I took to see if the roll of film in the camera was at the start or the end :-P

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