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We were going through Jess's photo album, and Diana wanted a copy of this one because "Chris looks nice in it." I volunteered to copy it, since I was copying another picture, too, and somehow, it found its way here. Odd...

Sports Night! Diana doing the Karaoke routine to Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away"

Diana eating at Friendlies.

Me on Jess's lap after we fought for possession of the chair. (Three chairs, four people. Doesn't add up.) Say hi to Diana's mom behind us!

Jess working on her gingerbread house

And me working on my house. If you look under the table, you can see my Walkman - I was listening to the Islander game =)

Jess and Diana posing behind their creations.

Danielle with her...lack of creation? She had problems with hers =D

Me and Jess hangin' with our pimp, yo!

Jess hiding behind a table trying to *avoid* the previous picture.

Me with my head up against Diana's leg - oh, no, the sacred hair is on the ground!

Diana, what are you doing with that peppermint near my hair?

Our creations - Diana's, mine, and Jess's.

Me with my new bathrobe. With the ears on the hood. At least my hair looks good!