Me meeting Al Leiter at a signing at the Sports Authority in Manhattan.

The back of Al's head, taken for no apparent reason.

Kerry, two of her friends (Tina and Lauren, I believe?), and me toasting marshmallows at Cosi.

The four of us again, actually looking at the camera this time (and thanks to Lauren's sister Jo for taking these two pictures!)

Diana and I outside the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo NY. Be warned - there's a lot of pictures from here.

In the words of Mom: "The sunglasses totally ruin the image." Whaddya want, my eyes are very sensitive to the sun.

[Insert stupid, cliché caption here]

Diana and I where we belong ;-)

"C'mon now, at least pretend you like each other."

Um, a bird. I can't remember what kind.

Some kind of falcon? Again, not quite sure.


It's the Ded Bob show. Bonk!

Diana, wenchified.

Me fooling around with a set of devil sticks (and showing up the other people trying them out :-D ).

Diana and I sitting on a rock, for no apparent reason.

Yup, same rock, same people.

Lady Marian, one of the competitors at the joust.

Two competitors tilting.

Diana and I trying our hands at archery.

Diana and I in the chandler's booth. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to go there!

Some wizard-type dude.

Diana and I in a beatiful field...ok, ya got me. It's my backyard.

Diana on the train going home after seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

Me also on the train after B&tB, in case you couldn't tell from the Playbill :-P

Jess looking at hockey cards in Hakim's gas station.

Following is an attempt by Jess to help me waste film.

And thus is this film-wasting ended. It will resume momentarily, believe me.

Me, Diana, and Jess taking a self-portrait. Not too bad - at least we got (most of) everyone's faces!

Diana and Jess. This group of pictures was taken in my driveway at about 10PM, and after we'd had ice cream. We were just a little wacky.

Me and Diana.

Jess and me.

Jess and me again.

For some reason, I had mom take a picture of me. So there I am.

Commence more film wasting in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble.

Which part of "no pictures of me while I'm driving" did she not catch, hmm?

And to close, an actual, honest-to-goodness halfway decent picture of me! This is a once in a lifetime occurrence, let me tell ya.

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