Assorted pictures, May-July 2002

In the Bahamas, Diana and I riding on the beach. Her horse was a little, uh, mean. Tried to bite mine, he did.

On the beach. Again.

The trail leader went a bit camera-happy.

Diana with one of the puke-green traffic cones outside the hotel.

Diana and I outside the hotel, by a palm tree.

A yellow hibiscus that I liked.

Some sort of pink flower I also liked.

I got two really good pictures of the city as we flew over it, then went over Westchester before turning around and heading into LGA. This was shot facing east, with lower Manhattan (on the left) and a few bridges. Oh, and the plane wing ;-)

A little farther on, still facing east. Towards the bottom, about halfway between the left edge of the picture and the start of the window, is Madison Square Garden. Also visible are the Empire State Building (above and a little to the right) and a park, probably Union Square, a little to the right of the ESB.

I wanted to finish off the camera, so outside of LGA, I said, "Diana, stand over there so I can take a picture." And that's the last vacation picture. *rejoice*

Jess and her hockey shrine. Note the Wings hat, the Peca and Osgood bobble heads, the jerseys, the pictures, and the rally towel I was nice enough to give her. (Well, we did have like six of them...)

A random picture of Jess.

A similarly random picture of Diana.

We were trying to get the name on the score. Diana couldn't think of anything, and therefore put in "ICANTTHINKNOW"

Me trying to avoid a picture. Jess took one anyway, so now we have a lovely shot of my elbow and my mouth.

The picture I took in retaliation.

Diana and Jess at the fair. And that's the only picture of the fair cuz then I put my camera in Diana's purse and forgot about it.

At a later date, when I finally got the camera back from Diana. I took a picture, just for the heck of it.

And I took one of Jess, too. See the lovely interior of the car I share with Mom.

The final event of the roll - a Mets game. Diana and Jess, with Kerry behind them, unaware I was taking a picture.

This time, Kerry was aware of the picture. Unfortunately, I forgot to recharge the flash. Stupid, cheap drug-store camera! I tried to brighten it in PhotoDeluxe, but this was the best I could do.

We were fortunate enough to have Al Leiter as the starter that evening. Here he is, doing what he does best - pitch. He really did pitch well, but didn't get the win because of a) crappy relief pitching and b) NO RUN SUPPORT.

And here's a picture of Al doing something he's not so good at - batting. The last game I was at was the one where he got a double and a basehit, but he went oh-fer tonight.

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