Sports is one of my main passions. On any given day, I can start talking about my teams at the drop of a hat, and not stop for a good thirty minutes. My top two sports are baseball and hockey, depending on the time of the year and how my teams are doing. Football comes in at a close third, though. Right now, since it's winter, the Islanders are my main team, while my Mets have fallen to the wayside. In football, I prefer the Jets, but I also watch the Giants and am happy when they do well.

Favorite baseball, these are currently few and far between. I'm rather understandably irritated by most of the current Mets, but there's always hope for next season. I can't wait to have a healthy Cliff Floyd and Jose Reyes, and Al Leiter has always been one of my favorites. As for football, the current crop of Jets is pretty good, if injured. Chad Pennington is my hero, and the best play-faker I've ever seen. I still like Vinny Testaverde, Wayne Chrebet, Curtis Martin, Tiki Barber (and by default, Ronde, as I can't tell them apart), and Amani Toomer. With hockey, there's a rather long list. Outside of the Islanders, there's Marc-Andre Fleury. I hopped on his bandwagon well before most Americans did, during the 2003 World Juniors, and I remain a dedicated fan. My favorite "young" Islander is Mattias Weinhandl, who will be an immensely skilled forward if he can avoid further injury. I also adore my captain, Mike Peca, and about three-quarters of the rest of the team.

Then there's the people I don't like. Armando Benitez. Roger Clemens. Mo Vaughn. Roger Cedeno. Jeremy Shockey. Darcy Tucker. Dale Hunter. The Rangers in their entirety. Eric Cairns when he's killing penalties. Rick DiPietro when he's wandering away from the net. Mike Milbury. There are others, but these will do for now.

My homepage is and I check several times a day for sports news -- only a Canadian site will provide decent hockey updates! Sports memorabilia is spread through my entire house, but the main HQ is my room. I've got a collection of bobbleheads, including a few Mets, several Islanders, and Chad Pennington. I also have a sports wall in my room. I'm basically just a sports nut.

I made a Mets quiz in December 2001. It's kinda silly, but I wrote it myself, by hand, using another quiz as the template. I'm pretty proud of it.

I've got some lovely pictures of my autographed Islanders jersey on this page.

I attended the Islanders fund-raising Bowlathon in 2002 and 2003. Unfortunately, this event apparently will not be held in 2004. But you can still see my recaps from 2002 and 2003.

When the Islanders clinched a playoff spot, I wrote a little something. Then, after the 2002 season, the Islanders site asked readers to respond to the question "What did the 2002 season mean to you?" My answer. The next day led to this commentary. Finally, ten days later came this one about Darcy Tucker.

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